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Meet Dr. Glenda


Apostle Glenda McCullum is a governmental Apostle specializing as an Apostle of Worship and holds influence in the political arena.

Dr. McCullum received apostolic ordination by Apostle, Dr. John A. Tetsola of Ecclesia Word Ministries of Bronx, New York.


Serving in ministry for over 30 years, Apostle McCullum has traveled nationally and internationally. She has ministered in the nations of Australia, St. Kitts, South Africa, Singapore, and Malaysia. Dr. McCullum is committed to city transformation and currently serves as Chairwoman to the Housing Authority of Joliet's Board of Commissioners, advocating for affordable housing.

Glenda McCullum Ministries, a 501c3 organization, carries a mandate of releasing worship in the earth and ministering healing and deliverance to hurting and broken vessels. Through live-stream worship sessions, online teachings, and New Era Worship classes, Dr. McCullum carries out the God-given mandate of "Covering the Earth with Worship and the Word". In addition to establishing several ministry initiatives, Dr. McCullum currently sits as a Director for Excel Homeschool Academy in Joliet, IL.

Dr. Glenda is an independent recording artist and has released projects such as,

“I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy,” “House of Prayer” and "Secret Place Encounters.” Dr. McCullum launched a fragrance line of lightly scented roll-ons and perfumes, bearing the names of Glenda,

Rae for Him, and Glenda Rae.


Dr. McCullum received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida. She earned a Certificate of Completion in Kingdom Studies from Kingdom University School of Ministry, Dr. N. Cindy Trimm, Chancellor. Currently, she holds an Associate Degree in General Studies as well as a Certificate of Completion majoring in Human Resources from Joliet Junior College.

Dr. McCullum is currently furthering her ministerial credentialing in Apostleship studies through Price University, Tulsa, OK.

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