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H.O.W.M. Training & Courses

H.O.W.M. is launching its new platform of self-paced training courses in March of 2022! Registrants will have access to individual classes or entire courses for viewing and learning at their own pace. 
Register today to be equipped with these dynamic and powerful
New Era Worship classes!  

Registration Includes:

  • Access to courses through a self-paced environment

  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with the Instructor, Ap. Glenda McCullum

  • Receive priority updates and information concerning new releases and events

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about us

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H.O.W.M. is a multi-faceted initiative comprised of music recordings, worship development through the academy of worship, blogs and live streams to release God's Heart of Worship in the earth.

Heart of Worship Music (H.O.W.M.) is an extension of Glenda McCullum Ministries, a 501(c)3 organization that was birthed with the mandate of:

"Covering the Earth with

Worship and the Word"

H.O.W.M. was founded and established to provide a platform that encompasses the various streams of worship that releases the presence and glory of God.

 Through music recordings, teachings, trainings, and live-stream sessions, as an extension of Glenda McCullum Ministries, the overarching mission of H.O.W.M. is to "Cover the Earth with Worship and the Word."

 The focus of H.O.W.M. is developing ministers of worship, according to the pattern outlined in scripture. It is our desire to train and prepare worshippers to function as officers of worship and lead effective worship in corporate and personal settings.  H.O.W.M. is designed with the worshipper in mind, to establish foundations in personal and corporate worship, as well as engaging worship as a weapon of war.

Who we are 

New Era Worship 


In 2020, by way of Covid, the earth entered into a new era.  This pandemic catapulted the world into a new dispensational way of life, altering the former systems of operation and standards for living.

Not only did the world shut down, but sad to say, so did the Church; but not without God’s hand of involvement in the process. Consequently, God moved His habitation from the Church’s former model of offering worship. He is now seeking true priestly worshippers who will revitalize worship according to His original intent: the priestly pattern. Noting that with every move of God there is the release of new sounds, fresh music, and created songs downloaded from Heaven that advances God’s plan of Kingdom reformation.

And so it is with worship. God is releasing a fresh wind to His prophets and priests that will shape and change the landscape of worship as we’ve known it. He is positioning His Apostles and Prophets with New Era Worship that will plant the heavens and penetrate the earth. This new sound will continue the trajectory of the plan of God:

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.